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Goelst Since 1978



For three generations, the Goelst family has been devoted to high quality and design in developing, producing and installing an extensive range of curtain rail products.
Since 1978, under the international brand name Goelst®, we supply total window treatment solutions and welcome every challenge of our customer’s unique project requirement. That’s why you will find since 1981 G-Rail® products in hotels, office locations, luxury homes and yachts and even hospitals and health care facilities. And of course can these systems be electrically motorized for integration into any domestic and commercial automation system.


A wide variety of rail profiles for ceiling or wall.

Goelst offers the widest variety of profiles, from sheer lace, cubicle privacy or shower curtains to heavy lined draperies we offer solutions for any application. The beautifully designed systems can be custom bent or curved and will blend in perfectly with any interior design.

Smooth operators!

At Goelst we are flexible, creative and supporting operators. “No problem” is our standard reply to all your demands. And indeed, while our systems can be custom made for an entire room as if being one curtain rail including bends and curves, there are no problems we will not attend to and solve. We herewith resolve the disadvantage  of loose-bends and extra connections with poor gliding situations. At last curtains, which always open and close smoothly and silently, due to the combination of high quality connections with continuous aluminium profiles. Panel curtains, closing curtains or drapes,they all can be operated manually, by cord or electrically.

The best electrical curtain rails are made by Goelst!

We don’t have to tell you that electric curtain rails are the ultimate in luxury and amenity for any room in any home, but remember to protect your interior furnishings and your paintings or wall art in sunrooms, winter gardens and on skylight windows. At Goelst, we have it covered.
And one can simulate being home with a domestic automation system and even shut out burglars!
In addition, built-in timers can simulate normal “at home” activities or incorporate our systems with security systems that will help to protect homes from intruders.

Swing: folding your curtains perfectly!

Your curtains can be beautiful and your G-Rail® be the best, but loose, untidy hanging curtains can ruin your desired finished design. That is why we made Swing, our straight-seamed, flat sewn curtains with beautiful, identical rippled folds.  So when the curtain is closed it hangs perfectly in an S-shaped, wave like fold. 

Goelst, discover why we are the trusted source!

We at Goelst believe in quality in combination with design and the best price/quality equation. Your happiness and content with our products, allows us to be happy and proud.
But we also believe in continuous innovation. For over 30 years, we have our own R&D department and we now possess various patents, design protections and brand names. They helped us survive and will give you the best solutions for your curtain systems. So try us!