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Goelst is the industry leader in providing the highest quality curtain track products and services. We offer new and innovative solutions to meet your projects’ needs regardless of the size. Our experience is evident from your first connection with our team worldwide. You can feel confident that your project is Goelst’s priority from the start to the stunning completion. We can assure you that our curtain track systems will provide resolutions to your most complex window treatment requirements.


At Goelst our goal is always to exceed your expectations!

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A Brief Introduction

Discover Our Story

A Brief Introduction

Goelst is a global curtain system track market leader with offices in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and the United States. As a family business with worldwide services, we cater to your every need for high-quality track systems with flawless designs. Our long history ensures our profound knowledge of our products. Our motivated team will make sure you get the best-looking and highest quality products needed for all your projects. Want to get inspired?

A Brief Introduction

Company History

After founding Goelst Nederland B.V. in 1978, Rolf E. Goelst used his time effectively: he started as an exclusive importer of garment furniture (focusing on changing room lockers) and associated products. Within one year Rolf designed and developed his curtain tracks: G-Rail.

The first major installation of the G-Rail curtain track was in the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam – initially with the system 2300. This installment led to the development of a unique track solution for the healthcare industry: the 4100 system. These separation tracks enable privacy between patients in the same room, and are still used by over 75% of hospitals in the Netherlands. This led to Goelst becoming the product leader within the European healthcare market.

Striving to maintain the supply of top quality products at a realistic price level, it became clear that it was necessary to internationalize the company. In 1986, Goelst opened an office in Switzerland, and six months later a distribution warehouse.

In 2000 Goelst appointed a French wholesaler, which became an established Goelst Company in 2003: G-Rail France, which was also a family company, led by Stephane Levrard. In 2002 Goelst made its first steps towards the USA, opening a warehouse and sales office facility in the Atlanta area the following year.

All of these countries are now represented by established Goelst Companies. In 2004, Frank Goelst, son of Rolf Goelst, officially joined the management team, becoming his successor. He now leads the Goelst Group with a great team of knowledgeable and experienced people.

With a rich history, Goelst works globally,
and we strive to bring you the best..

Goelst track
Goelst track


Goelst is more than a family business: it’s a place of work where we value quality, innovation, and loyalty. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best products and perfect designs. Our mission is to empower your spaces with seamless curtain solutions. This we achieve by delivering outstanding product quality, built on our heritage of 45 years of proven service. We bring you precision in motion and perfection in design.

Through the skills of our product design department, extensive testing program (relatively unique in this industry), customer support, and installation service, we meet client satisfaction constantly. 

Our History

1978: The Start of It All

Rolf E. Goelst starts the Goelst company in the Netherlands and designs his own curtain track systems within his first year: the G-rail.

Early ‘80s: The First Major Installment

The project in the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam proves that Goelst could design, develop and deliver products conforming to the most stringent quality standards. Goelst delivers privacy curtain track systems that grow out to the status of product leader within the European healthcare market.

1986: The First International Steps

The first international office of Goelst opens in Switzerland. Considering that just an office will not suffice to supply the world with the best curtain track systems, a distribution warehouse opens six months later.

2000: The French Expansion

Goelst appoints a French wholesaler, leading to a stronger presence in the southern European market.

2002: 6200 motorized system

Goelst introduces a brand new motorized curtain track system: the 6200 system. An absolute game-changer: a combination of luxury and comfort that makes an impact on the hospitality branch.

2003: Expanding the Family: G-Rail France

The French wholesaler becomes a part of the Goelst Group as G-Rail France. This family company under the management of Stephane Levrard and family makes a strong addition to the Goelst.

2003: Atlantic Expansion

Even though the first steps towards the United States of America were made in 2002, the year 2003 marks the opening of a warehouse and sales office facility in the Atlanta area. The Atlantic expansion ensures a global presence of the Goelst company.

2004: Family Business

Frank Goelst becomes part of the management team, continuing the family heritage. Over the years, Frank becomes the successor of Rolf. Together with a dedicated team he continues to develop Goelst.

2023: 50,000th G-Motion Has Been Sold

With its launch, the G-Motion was considered to be a game-changer. This expectation was surely met: in 2023 Goelst sells the 50,000th system.

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Michael Radler

Sales & Operations manager

Bobby Cox

Bobby Cox

President / Co-Founder

Thomas Levrard

Thomas Levrard

Marketing Manager

Stephane Levrard

Stephane Levrard

General Manager /