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No project is the same, and neither should your curtain track system. That is why we offer customizable solutions for your projects. From the largest of hospitals, the most stylish hotels, to the precise installation on luxurious yachts, and to the tightest delivery times to finish projects. We want your project to be successful.

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Goelst We Handle The Technicalities
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We Handle the Technicalities, You Handle the Project

We promise you high-quality and sturdy solutions for your projects. Together we will work out the needs of your project: what, where and when. Goelst takes care of the particulars, so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our products are highly customizable, so we have solutions for all different kinds of projects. Our experienced team will help you with all technical aspects, be it for hotels, homes, offices, hospitals, or even shipbuilding.

A Solution Matching the Needs of Your Project

Picked for Project Managers

Explore our wide range of high-quality curtain track systems. Each product is designed with precision and care to meet the unique needs of your projects. Whether you’re looking for standard or custom solutions, our curtain track systems offer high durability, excellent functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Can’t find your solution? Don’t worry; we can make it for you!

Motorized systems

Motorized Systems

Benefit from an electric track system. Open your curtains automatically. 

Cord Drawn systems

Cord Drawn (or Operated) Systems

Move your curtains smoothly and silently with our cord drawn systems.

Manually Drawn systems

Manually Drawn (or Manually Operated) Systems

Control your curtains manually, allowing a smooth and silent glide.

Picked for Project Managers

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“It’s incredibly comfortable, modern (and very much in keeping with the setting) and we’re really very happy with it. Congratulations on your work and that of your son, it wasn’t easy …”

Mr Lalande
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