Curtain tracks offer exceptional flexibility to meet individual needs and preferences in terms of layout and decoration. Their versatility is highlighted through several aspects, including customization, various types of draw, and the ability to adapt to all shapes.


Curtain tracks are available in various lengths and configurations to perfectly fit any window or space. Whether you have non-conventional window sizes or specific spaces to dress, curtain tracks can be custom-cut to fit precisely, providing an aesthetic and functional solution.


Aluminum curtain tracks are extremely flexible in terms of design. They can be curved to follow specific shapes, such as curved bay windows, projecting windows, or unique architectural spaces. This feature allows for an elegant and harmonious installation, even in complex configurations.

Manual control

Manual curtain tracks are controlled by direct manipulation, allowing for easy adjustment of the curtains’ opening and closing. This is perfect for those who prefer tactile and precise control. It is possible to add a curtain wand for convenience.

Draw cord

Curtain tracks with a draw cord offer smooth manipulation of the curtains, allowing them to be opened and closed with a simple pull of the cord. This is a practical option for large windows or installations at height.


Motorized curtain tracks are equipped with an electrical system for complete automation. You can open, close, and even program the curtain movements using a remote control. This is ideal for maximum comfort and adding a touch of modernity to your space.

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