Facing the challenge of covering trapezoid-shaped windows in their chalet, our client sought a solution to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. To address this unique requirement, we conducted a series of rigorous tests and modifications to achieve flawless curtain operation.

To effectively cover the sloped windows, we designed and implemented a customized support system to simulate the roof’s pitch. Using this setup, we tested various motorized tracks and adjusted parameters to ensure smooth and stable curtain movement. Our goal was to prevent any unwanted shifting or sagging, especially in the fully raised position.

After struggling to find a suitable solution for our sloped windows, we were relieved to discover Goelst’s motorized track system. Thanks to their innovative approach and thorough testing, our curtains now operate seamlessly, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Dany Style

Achieving Stability and Functionality

Through meticulous testing and adjustments, we were able to achieve the perfect balance between stability and functionality for our client’s sloped windows. By carefully selecting the appropriate motorized track and fine-tuning its parameters, we ensured that the curtains could smoothly glide along the slope without any issues.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Goelst team, we no longer have to worry about our sloped windows. The motorized track system they provided not only offers flawless curtain movement but also enhances the overall charm of our chalet.

Dany Style


By opting for Goelst’s curved motorized track, our client has not only improved the comfort and convenience of their home but also added a touch of modernity and elegance to their decor. Thanks to the versatility of the control system, they can now control their curtains with increased simplicity and efficiency, no matter where they are in their home.

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