A nightclub client approached us with a unique request to create an animated display using multiple screens, all of which needed to be motorized for versatile movement options. To meet their vision, we embarked on a comprehensive design and development process to deliver a tailored solution that exceeded their expectations.

Understanding the client’s vision was paramount, so we began by carefully listening to their needs and desires. With a clear understanding of their requirements, we proceeded to create a detailed project brief outlining the specifications and functionalities of the motorized screen system.

We then developed a schematic design and conducted initial assembly and modifications to ensure the system’s feasibility. Through iterative testing and validation, we fine-tuned the design to achieve optimal performance and functionality.

To accommodate the client’s dynamic display preferences, we devised a system consisting of two motorized rails connected end-to-end, allowing synchronized movement of the screens. This setup enabled the screens to be positioned independently, in pairs, or in groups of three or more, providing maximum flexibility for different animation configurations.

Our collaboration with Goelst was instrumental in bringing our nightclub’s vision to life. Their expertise in motorized solutions and attention to detail ensured that our animated display surpassed our expectations, captivating our audience and enhancing the overall atmosphere of our venue.

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Customized Solution for Dynamic Display

By leveraging our range of products and components, we engineered a custom support system to securely mount the screens, allowing for seamless integration into the nightclub’s environment. The motorized rails, meticulously synchronized and controlled, provided smooth and precise movement of the screens, enhancing the visual impact of the animation.

Thanks to Goelst’s innovative motorized solution, we can effortlessly transform our nightclub’s ambiance with dynamic screen animations. The flexibility and reliability of their system have made it a valuable addition to our entertainment offerings, delighting our patrons and setting us apart from the competition.

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Through a collaborative and iterative development process, we successfully delivered a custom motorized screen solution that met the client’s exacting requirements. From initial concept to final implementation, our team worked closely with the client to ensure every aspect of the system aligned with their vision and objectives.

The result is a dynamic and versatile display system that enhances the nightclub experience, providing endless possibilities for captivating visual effects and immersive entertainment.

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