The extra-flat tracks from Goelst offer a discreet and stylish solution for your windows, with a thickness of 8mm (excluding gliders).

An invisible ceiling mounting

The 2900 series rails are mounted on the ceiling and can be installed on most surfaces such as concrete or wood, for a finish that seamlessly blends into your interior.

They are also perfectly suitable for mounting in a window or door opening.

These rails are particularly suitable for professionals in the hotel industry, public institutions, but can also be used for domestic purposes.

If you’re looking for a rail with minimal space requirements, the 2900 series will meet your needs with its versatility.

Ease of installation

The range of extra-flat rails is available in white RAL 9010 (lacquered upon request), and the Flow gliders are also compatible with these systems, providing smooth gliding and curtains with a uniform fold.

Each system is sold with its gliders, stops, and finishing caps. The rails are custom pre-drilled according to your dimensions. Screws + screw covers (4514-N) for installation are optional.

Extra-flat single-track

Our range of extra-flat rails includes only one system with a single track.

The 2900 rail is an extra-flat single-track rail.

It is perfectly suitable for lightweight curtains or sheer curtains.

Extra-flat double-tracks

The range of extra-flat rails includes three systems with two tracks.

The 2901 rail is suitable for combining a sheer curtain with a lightweight curtain.

The 2904 and 2905 systems can support a heavier load than the 2901, allowing for a more flexible combination of curtains.

Extra-flat triple-tracks

The extra-flat triple-tracks system Goelst offers is the 2906. It has two tracks at the end, and a third track offset by a 2cm from the end of the rail. This track stands out for its versatility, offering a variety of curtain combinations from lightweight curtains to medium or heavy curtains.

Upgrade your window treatments today with our sleek and modern extra flat tracks. Choose the perfect solution for a seamless and stylish look.