7300 Series – Panel Track Systems

7330 Panel track with three channels
7340 Panel track with four channels
7350 Panel track with five channels
7320 Panel track with two channels


7300 Series – Panel Track Systems

Choose the panel track systems; the 7300 series provides a variety of multi-channel profiles, allowing for numerous combinations. All models of panels in the 7300 series offer the same finishing and operational possibilities but differ in the number of tracks they are built with; from two tracks for the narrowest rail profile to five for the widest. Available in white and natural aluminum with matching accessories.

Additional Information

Available colors

White (RAL 9010)

Natural aluminum (RAL 9006)

Other RAL colors on demand


7320  has two channels, 7330 have three channels, 7340 has four channels and 7350 has five channels
Dimensions vary per type
High quality aluminum
Made in Europe

Key Features and Benefits:

Mounting Versatility

The 7300 track series can be mounted on the ceiling with the 7350 bracket or on the wall with the 7317 bracket.


High-quality, wear-resistant coatings, conforming to Qualicoat and Qualanod standards. Compact and flat finish for a sturdy installation.


Product Description

Panel track systems offer a beautiful alternative to standard curtains. The flat appearance of the curtain fabric provides an elegant display for any pattern. Moreover, the separate panels allow for highly selective privacy and sunlight control. The flat aspect of the curtains creates a sense of spaciousness, and the panels, in addition to their window dressing role, can also regularly function as room dividers, sliding doors, or wall decorations.


The panels can be installed in two ways: as a single stack or with a central closure. If you choose the central closure, you can use a profile with five tracks but with ten panels that close in the middle. Panel track systems can be used equally well with linked panels or independent panels. They can be operated with a cord or, of course, electrically. The profiles can be installed on walls or ceilings.

7320 profile view
7330 profile view
7340 profile view
7350 profile view

The 7320 model features a two-track rail profile with a width of 37 mm. The 7330 model has a three-track rail profile with a width of 55 mm. The 7340 model offers a four-track rail profile with a width of 73 mm. Lastly, the 7350 model presents a five-track rail profile with a width of 91 mm.The systems are available in white and natural aluminum.

Technical Information

Tracks Specifications

Colors and Coating

Technical download

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