FLOW – Elegant and Stylish Glider

flow band on track
flow system example
flow glider on track with curtain


FLOW – Elegant and Stylish Glider

Flow gliders ensure consistent pleats curtains. These gliders are compatible with small, wide channel tracks and used in hand-drawn, cord operated and electric systems.

Additional Information

Available colors

White (RAL 9010)

Black (RAL 9005)


Made of plastic
Made in Europe

Key Features and Benefits:

Flow Gliders

Flow gliders rotate on a cord and are positioned at fixed intervals of either 60 or 80 mm along a track. They are compatible with various Goelst tracks.

Curtain Tape

The Goelst Flow System features two varieties of curtain tape, designed for distances of 60 mm and 80 mm, respectively. The tape is coated with adhesive, allowing it to be ironed onto the curtain fabric before being permanently sewn, ensuring it remains in place during the curtain-making process. Moreover, red markings are included on the tape to indicate points where curtain hooks can be inserted.

Curtain Hooks

The 2021-FL curtain hooks can be easily inserted into the pockets indicated by the markings that correspond to the selected pleat fold.


Product Description

The Goelst Flow gliders, model 2014-12, are compatible with the rails of the 2000 series, whereas the 4014-12 gliders are compatible with the rails of the 4000, 5000, and 6000 series. Each glider rotates on a cord and is spaced at intervals of 6 or 8 cm.


These gliders, rotating on the cord, are available in both white and black to match the tracks. 


The Flow gliders are compatible with all types of systems, whether it’s a hand-draw track, a cord operated system, or a motorized system, the Flow adapts to all Goelst products.

plan flow glider

Technical Information

Glider Specifications


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