Our client, a family seeking to enhance the comfort and convenience of their home, was looking for a solution to automate their curtains while maintaining aesthetics and ensuring smooth curtain movement.

To meet their specific needs, we proposed Goelst’s curved motorized track solution. Before installing the track, our team carefully measured and collected information about the track’s location to determine the best bending radius for smooth curtain operation, avoiding any friction or snagging in the corners.

With Goelst’s curved motorized track, our home has become more comfortable and functional than ever. We particularly appreciate how easily we can now control our curtains, whether through the switch, remote control, or our smartphone.

Camille Jardin

Versatile Control System

We offered our client the option to choose a motor offering three different control options. For basic control, we installed a motor with a switch. Next, we added a radio card to enable remote control via a remote. Finally, for advanced control experience, we integrated a Wi-Fi gateway with a dedicated smartphone app, offering smart and intuitive curtain control.

With Goelst’s motorized track, we found the ideal solution to automate our curtains while preserving the aesthetics of our interior. We appreciate the flexibility offered by the various control options, which perfectly fit our needs and lifestyle.

Camille Jardin


By opting for Goelst’s curved motorized track, our client has not only improved the comfort and convenience of their home but also added a touch of modernity and elegance to their decor. Thanks to the versatility of the control system, they can now control their curtains with increased simplicity and efficiency, no matter where they are in their home.

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